Urban 8's are called "Local Food Courts" for a reason. We are strategically located in an ever-widening base of neighborhoods and communities--providing healthier dining alternatives to their residents. Urban 8 restaurants offer a broad range of natural and healthy food choices that easily compete with the typical junk fast-food located on every street corner. We are changing the way that average people think about casual quick-serve food. We strive to help the members of our communities eat healthier every single day while providing reasonable prices and unmatched convenience in a warm and inviting environment.


Urban 8 Giving
As a restaurant owner in an Urban 8 Local Food Court, you'll be part of a management philosophy that is passionate about giving back to the local community. We pride ourselves in bringing jobs and other industry opportunities back into the areas where our food courts are located. It's our goal to integrate our business presence into the community in ways that are beneficial to the people living in the area. As we learn more about the specific needs, Urban 8 management and participating restaurants will continue to sponsor important non-profit local projects and organizations such as homeless shelters, food banks, youth sports teams, health/nutrition workshops for underprivileged families, and more. The idea is to work with the local population to address the issues that are most relevant to their needs.