Our Brands

I'm Stanley Rose, the founder of Urban 8 Local Food Courts and the brainchild behind the brand's corporate image. But by no means am I a one-man-operation. There's been a team of talented professionals from around the world who have helped me refine and clarify my concepts and visions for the Urban 8 brand.

The first step was to come up with a name. I wanted a one or two-word name; something catchy, easy to remember, and of course, available as a dot com and a trademark. I hired a plethora of bright brand designers from all over the globe who gave me lots of ideas for names and brand concepts. Some of them were goofy, and others were way too complicated. The brainstorming was fun, but I was getting frustrated that nothing was "hitting" me as being the right way to go.

Finally, I hired a freelance writer and branding professional from New York City (living in Panama) to help me crack down and finalize the decision. She suggested the word "Urbana" (Spanish for Urban), and I liked that concept, but I wanted to keep the spelling in English: Urban. From there I started thinking about how to somehow include the imagery of food in the name. My brain went to "Urban Eats" or "Urban Ate," but these names weren't available as dot-coms. Then, one evening, in a "Eureka!" moment the name came to me in a flash. Not only was it a perfect play on the word "ate," but it also paid homage to the fact that our buildings have 8 different restaurant options. We would be forever known as "Urban 8"!

The Future of Urban 8

Along with my team of investors and associates, I plan to build as many Urban 8 food courts as is demographically feasible in every major city on the planet. Why not? Our business model comes at a perfect time in history: food lovers from all over the globe are seeking healthier and more convenient food choices. The Urban 8 branding concept affords us tremendous flexibility and viability for any market we choose to move into.