Our Story

Hi! My name is Stanley Rose, and I am the founder of Urban 8 Local Food Courts. The idea for Urban 8 first came to me back in 2015. I was driving by a mall one day, looking to pick up a quick and healthy meal for lunch. When I looked at the HUGE galaxy called a "parking lot" I wasn't thrilled with the prospect of finding my way to the mall's food court. I tried to come up with any other reason that would justify the time and effort of going into the mall, (maybe I'd pick up that new wallet I'd been thinking about...). But, nope. In the end, I simply couldn't be bothered to navigate through the depths of a huge and crowded mall during lunch hour. A few minutes later, I found myself at a local deli choosing between a run-of-the-mill sandwich and an ordinary green salad (and I wasn't really in the mood for either of those options).

The experience got me thinking--why hasn't anybody built a food court located outside a mall or airport setting? I went home and started investigating online. Nothing! (At least in the United States.) But interestingly, in Thailand there appeared to be a number of these types of stand-alone food "courts." I immediately noticed that all the reviews said the same basic thing: "Busy and convenient." BAM!

Over the next year I put it all down on paper, including rough sketches of building designs and number-crunching spreadsheets to see if the Urban 8 concept could be made into a reality. It did, and here we are today!

Welcome to the new, casual, fast-food revolution called Urban 8!